Roularta Mediatech Accelerator

Building the
future of media,

Building the future of media, together

Roularta Mediatech Accelerator provides support and guidance for start-ups. This programme is an initiative of Roularta Media Group and Duval Union. Capitalise on their expertise and experience to optimise the potential of your start-up.



We believe that exciting times lie ahead for the media industry. New opportunities are springing up at an astonishing rate. Because of the speed with which these developments are arising, media has become an extremely complex area and one fraught with many potential pitfalls. The surest path to success is through expertise and experience. That’s why we are here to help guide you to a successful future in media.

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

It’s for start-ups and innovators who have big dreams for the huge and varied territory that is (new) media and its related fields. It’s for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit to translate their vision into a fully-fledged business plan. Those with the determination to carry out their plans. Those with the driving ambition to develop a flourishing business model on the basis of their ideas.

RMG & Duval Union

RMG & Duval Union

  • Over the past 60 years, Roularta Media Group (RMG) has grown to become a stock market-listed multimedia group with a total turnover of 500 million euros.
  • Duval Union is an ecosystem of innovative businesses which helps organisations to keep up to date with the new digital world we live in.


Xavier Bouckaert

“We at Roularta Media Group believe in the value of start‑ups. Start‑ups need to take the plunge.”

Xavier Bouckaert, CEO Roularta Media Group


What's in it for you?

Media for equity

Media for equity

Media campaigns increase the visibility of your start-up. ‘Mastering Trends’ ensures that your publicity is as efficient as possible by carefully aiming advertising at the right audience: your target group.

Housing & infrastructuur

Housing and infrastructure

We will establish your start-up for you, and Roularta’s complete infrastructure is at your disposal: commercial and promotional services, information technology and printing technology, corporate law and logistics.

Knowhow en ervaring

Knowhow and Experience

Business knowledge is essential. Roularta Media Group and Duval Union have a wealth of experience and proficiency to share. Right from day one, our extensive expertise will give your start-up the boost it needs.

Toegang tot data en technologie

Access to Data and Technology

Roularta Media Group and Duval Union give your start-up access to their data and technology. This means you can get straight to work with our high-tech tools as well as having access to any business information you may need.

25.000 euro funding

Free Membership of MediaNet

MediaNet Vlaanderen would like to offer your start-up one year’s free membership. This will give you extra visibility and allow you to make connections in the media industry and with research groups. You will also be able to take part in international trade fairs in partnership with Flanders Investment & Trade.



Of course, you think that your idea is great! But are you in danger of making hasty assumptions? Does your intense focus blinker you to other options? The mentors at Roularta and Duval Union are here to help you to devise the best strategy for your business.

25,000 Euros of Funding

Making plans might not cost much, but carrying them out certainly does. ‘Every penny counts’ is the mantra of all start-ups. It goes without saying that starting off with a reasonable level of investment can make a big difference in your cash flow.

25.000 euro funding

Do you want to take the market by storm with your mind-blowing ideas and solid business plans?

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